Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda

group-DSC_0714The founding "forefathers" of Heritage International School were actually mothers from a Bible study group, and the idea was "born" one day at a family picnic. While discussing the costs and values within different schools in Kampala, there was the question, "Why can't we have it all?": Good school, solid Christian values, reasonable price. 

The founding missionaries were: Tim Stevenson of Church of God Mission, Colleen Stevenson of Kinderhelfswerk Global Care, Van Heuvelen of Mission Aviation Fellowship, Anne and Laurie Sorilla of Finnish (FIDA), Sharon and Larry Pompelly of Southern Baptist Mission, which represented the Member Agencies.

Throughout the growth of the school, while many things have changed, the Board have tried to hold to these three basic ideas that started this journey: a quality education, a Christian foundation and a reasonable price. 

Our current Member Agencies represented on the board are: Church of God, Finnish (FIDA), Kinderhelfswerk Global Care, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), and World Gospel Mission (WGM).