Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda

Our Language Arts Curriculum is North American based and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state(USA)-led effort coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). The standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and experts, to provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare children for college and the workforce.

Our school uses a Language Program by McGraw-Hill called Reading Wonders. It is a program that helps cater for the needs of our children in an ever changing 21st century. Every week there is a new concept with grade appropriate topics that may also include some aspects of science and social studies that students will cover in IPC.

There are short complex texts that focus on comprehension, strategies and skills, different types of genre, vocabulary strategies and writing texts.

This program allows for differentiation within the classroom and offers leveled readers to cater for the different reading levels within the classroom. It also integrates research and inquiry through short and sustained research projects. During the last week of every unit covered, the focus is on different types of writing.

Finally it allows for weekly assessments, assessment after every unit as well as benchmark assessments to help in the placement of a child.

For our handwriting program, we use the D'Nealian handwriting curriculum which is the original continuous stroke handwriting program.  With D'Nealian Handwriting, all students have to learn is a few simple connecting strokes-and they're writing in cursive! First introduced in 1978, it has become one of the most widely accepted methods for teaching handwriting.