Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda

Our Primary Belief

God created children in His image and placed them in a world full of wonder. Our challenge is to encourage each child's innate joy of learning so that by discovering God, His vast creation, and the uniqueness of themselves and others, they can become all God created them to be.

At Heritage our educational philosophy is based on a learner-centered model. In this approach we recognize the uniqueness of each student's learning and strive to help the student attain their full academic potential.

Different Students have Different Needs

Depending on what school system a student comes from, there are some differences which can be quite frustrating and confusing. In the learner-centered model, the teacher is not seen as the " imparter of knowledge" but rather the "facilitator of learning". The teacher is likely to use several learning style techniques such as: class discussions, individual research, debates, field trips, learning centers and other techniques. This can take some adjustment, as there is a less rigid class environment.

The assessment system is also different. Rather than working towards one conclusive, comprehensive exam, the learner-centered model has many smaller exams throughout the course. Students are expected to complete assignments and projects on a regular basis. The emphasis is on internalization and application of material rather than memorization. The grade is based on the average of ALL assignments, not only tests.

In the learner-centered model the teachers are very approachable and welcome questions and discussion. Teachers also value interaction with students both in and out of classroom setting. This kind of relationship with a teacher might be different and awkward for a student coming from a different system.