Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda

23826143 1490568854325207 4496560620015065844 oAs the impact of STEM on our daily lives continues to increase, it is important for today’s learners to be proficient in STEM. At Heritage, Science and Mathematics are part of the core curriculum from K to Grade 12, with computer technology integrated as a required special subject. Along with subject based leaning, Heritage offers students an opportunity to integrate the STEM subjects through STEM activities and courses in a variety of different ways.

Invention Convention

Invention Convention fosters the development of important science skills as an ongoing challenge. Students are given opportunities to solve problems, think creatively, experiment, and work with data throughout the school year. The Invention Convention event gives elementary students an opportunity to demonstrate these skills independently as they invent a new product or process. In past years students have used Lego’s or other materials to create inventions such as catapults or bridges.

Lego WeDo

Senior elementary student (grades 3 to 5) use Lego WeDo to develop their science and math skills to build, program, and test with different engineering projects. Through this they learn the basics of computer programming and learn the integrated nature of STEM.

The Globe Project

Students participate in collecting data locally to contribute towards a global effort to understand the changes on our planet. This project is integrated into our middle school social studies and AP environmental science courses.

Computer Hardware Design

In this elective course students use their science and math knowledge to design and develop hardware to interface with a microcontroller.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Project

Grade 11 & 12 high school students select this elective option to design, build, and test an electric vehicle. In this project students learn about the design process and the importance of working in a team to accomplish a complex project.