Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda

Home School Link (HSL)

The Heritage Home School Link Program (HSL) is designed to assist home schooled children by providing them with educational resources and opportunities for social interaction. Some of the educational resources provided by the HSL program are: computer access, internet access, library access, and advice from teachers. In elementary, HSL students may attend classes on Fridays and participate in the activities of their grade. Parents are encouraged to use the HSL program for social reasons more than for academics, as it is very difficult to provide consistent learning opportunities for students attending school once a week. Families from outside of the Kampala area who are staying in town for an extended period of time may use the program for several days at a time after consultation with school administration and appropriate teachers. In secondary, HSL students may sign-up for specific classes and attend school according to the class schedule.

HSL students are encouraged to participate in a variety of after-school enrichment activities. Secondary HSL students are also encouraged to participate in special activities designed for youth such as youth retreats and mission trips.


Application and re-enrollment: HSL students apply to the HSL program by completing the normal application or re-enrollment forms. First time applicants pay the normal application fee.

Tuition:Tuition fees are pro-rated by the number of days on campus (elementary) or number of classes taken (secondary).

Discounts: Missionary and support-raising NGO discounts are available upon approval from the Board. Early payment and 3rd child discounts will be applied when appropriate. 

Home School Affiliates

Students who do not wish to take part in the HSL pogram, can be associated with the school through the Home School Affiliates. This is open to any home schooling family or co-operatives not currently enrolled in any school in Kampala. Affiiliates are allowed to join the after-school enrichment program, summer camps, and after-school events. 


First time applicants are required to complete an application form and pay the normal application fee. Returning Affiliate students complete the re-enrollment forms and pay an annual re-enrollment fee. In addition, Affiliate students need to pay the normal enrichment fees. 

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