Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda

At Heritage International School we recognize the abilities and potential of each individual and his God-given gifts and talents. In accordance with our Mission statement, the school accommodates students with particular needs and strives to create an inclusive environment where are all students are enabled and encouraged to learn and excel. We treat our students as unique individuals with a range of differing needs. We seek to encourage physical, social, and environmental growth in a holistic manner.

We welcome students with mild to moderate needs and appreciate their input and contribution to our school life. Diversity is an essential part of the life at an international school and we are grateful for every opportunity to learn from each other.

Our Student Support Services (SSS) team is committed to ensuring the best support for our students, enabling them to reach their full potential within our school community and become responsible and respectful members of society. The Student Support Team consists of a Director, Special Needs Coordinator, Special Needs teachers, ESL teachers, School Counselor, Learning Support teachers, and SSS Assistants.  The school also works together with external specialists when needed. After school tutoring and summer tutoring are offered.

Heritage students are also given transition counseling. Our School Counselor and Transitions Coordinator seek to prepare students for their “next stages”. The Transitions Coordinator specifically works with 11th and 12th Grade students to ensure that pupils are prepared for the university application process and the transition to university. Students are guided in their choice of courses in accordance with their university and life goals. Every year a Career Fair is held to educate students about the multitude of options they have for their future jobs. Learning